First Week of Training

So before I decided to run a marathon my boyfriend and I decided to be dog owners. Last weekend we bought a four month old Boston Terrier puppy. We named her Bailey.

And guess what? Puppies are A LOT of work. Did you know that they need to be taken out every four hours or less? That means running to take her out during your lunch break and only eating an apple and a powerbar for lunch…

But she’s worth it. She’s so cute! I’ll try and post a picture or two.

Anyway. Why do I bring this up? Well Bailey has taken some of my training time. Tuesday, tomorrow and probably Friday.

But once we find a great dog walker and we train her I’ll be back on track… and it’s early, I mean, I haven’t even picked the marathon I’m going to run yet. Any suggestions???

Here are the stats for this week so far:

Monday 3.5 miles

Tuesday: Bailey play time

Wednesday: 3.5 miles

My hope is to be running four miles by the end of next week. Once I figure out a real training regimen I’ll post it here and you can train with me!


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