New Shoes

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11

Saturday I went to the Running Company and had a gait analysis. This is where you tell salesperson what you’re training for, about your feet and how you run, and finally they watch how you walk normally.

They then pull some shoes they think suit your needs best and then you jump on the treadmill and they video tape you running. Very cool! My strides were then broken down and the people at The Running Company could tell right away that I need shoes with high stability. My left foot kinda turns in and this leads to knee and ankle pain. Not good. But I was told with the right shoes, my knees and ankles will be just fine!

I ended up with some comfy shoes by the brand Brooks… Though the style and color of the shoes wouldn’t have been my first choice, I also learned Saturday that you absolutely cannot choose your shoes by what they look like… Silly me!

I did make a recommendation to the staff that perhaps blindfolding their customers would help with choosing the right shoe for them and not the right shoe for their running outfit…

My boyfriend Ryan reminded me that that might not be such a good idea since people would be running blindfolded on a treadmill…



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2 responses to “New Shoes

  1. Ryan Smith

    Your shoes are very stylish….just because they aren’t pink doesnt mean they are ugly

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