This week so far

This week has been going very well. I feel as though I’ve pushed through another wall and can’t wait to see how much farther I’ll be able to push myself.

I’ve become addicted to running in Central Park. Right after work on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays I plan on running in Central Park.

Monday went exceedingly well. I was able to run a little over five miles. For those of you who know Central Park that is three times around the lower loop. Tonight I ran four miles and Friday I plan on running five again.

I’m feeling good, the four – five miles I’m running don’t kill me afterwards which is a great sign. My new Brooks shoes are great and very comfortable so that really helps with my upping the milage I’m running.

I’m going to do this 5 – 4 – 5 for a while and then I’ll bump it up to four times around the lower loop. Which would a little more than six miles.

My goal is to have ten miles be no big deal. Then the 26.2 will only really feel like 16.2 . . . I like my plan and I hope it works!


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