My running buddy in Nashville

For a month or more now I’ve been trying to convince my friend Kristen to join me in this crazy plan. She was about to sign up for a half marathon and I told her no, don’t do that! Run with me! Run in Portland and run 26.2 miles, not 13.1!!! We can motivate each other and have someone to lean on when training gets tough.

Well, after about two and a half weeks of me bugging her, she signed up!!!! We’re going to run the Portland Marathon together!!!

Another plus is that she’ll get to visit Oregon! This will be her first time on the West Coast. Another exciting point!

SIDE NOTE:    Kristen and I lived together senior year of college and were known as the “two blondes” of the house… We planned parties and were just weird, crazy and fun together. This marathon training and trip to Oregon in October 2011 will be no different! We’re going to have a blast!


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