Home Sweet Home

While I was home I did get in two great runs. The weather was pretty warm and it didn’t rain while I was running. 🙂 Though my hope was three runs, having a fun, relaxing time with family and friends outweighed the final run. I also needed some sleep too!

I really enjoyed myself and loved going home to Oregon. When I arrived back to New York there had been a huge snow storm and the city was in chaos. It made me appreciate Oregon a lot more and then people that live there. Even though I live and work in New York I don’t know if I’ll never consider myself a New Yorker and I don’t know if I want to be one.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of wonderful things about New York and I do love being able to leave work and walk across the street to Central Park to run. The people watching while I run is pretty fabulous…

It’s starting to get very cold here so I might not be able to run outside as much as I was in November and early December. Tonight I plan to run four to five miles on a treadmill. Hopefully my I-pod will get me through it! I can get so bored just looking out the window!

My New Years Resolutions are coming soon…


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