A nice surprise.

Tonight I ran the four miles I had promised. The only reason I did it was because I told you all on this blog that I was going to do. So it’s your fault if I’m super sore tomorrow.

That’s right, I’m blaming you. Kristen, Dad, Mom, Ryan, Sarah, and whoever else reads this blog. (Hopefully it’s more that five people!)

I pushed myself so I wouldn’t have to say I didn’t do it. I hate letting other people down as well as myself. It’s not fun.

So yeah, I did the four miles and again I was surprised at how far I could push my body. I started running and my body was like,  “Oh, this again? Okay lets go.” I actually kind of surprised myself.

Well just have to see how I feel in the morning. Sorry legs, get used to this… October is far away…



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3 responses to “A nice surprise.

  1. Dad

    Congratulations, Catie, for tonight’s four miles. I know you’re not pushing yourself recklessly, but do be very careful because October is really not that far away and an injury caused by carelessness… well, you know!

  2. Kristen

    Yeah four miles! Ice your legs right after you run! OR you can do an ice bath (recommended on lots of running blogs I’ve read) because that sounds really fun…

  3. Sarah

    Just catching up my catie blog from where I last left off….you’re welcome for the four mile push! Anytime my friend 🙂
    just started my training this week…being the to-do list person I am- I felt the need to create an entire 10 month day to day work out schedule. We’ll see how well I can adhere to this monster!

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