Since my last post…

a lot has happened…

I got the flu. Which was about the worst thing ever. I wasn’t able to do my long run… and I was out of work for three days. I was miserable. And to top it off my trip to Nashville was fast approaching! I was so scared that I’d have to cancel my trip due to me feeling like death.

BUT. I got myself to the doctor, got medicine and was on a plane Saturday, January 15th to visit my Running Buddy Kristen in Nashville!

Let me just make one statement before I tell you about my trip.

I LOVE NASHVILLE! So much. Tons and tons and tons!!!!

We had the best time! Kristen was a great host and showed us a wonderful time! Kristen’s sister, Kaitlyn and her friend Sarah were also there visiting Kristen, so my trip turned into a super fun girls weekend.

Saturday night we went to The Big Bang which was so cool. It’s a dueling piano bar, where the players take requests from the audience. Anything from Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back to Dave Matthews to classic country music. After the show Kristen took us to some of the Honky Tonks. Each bar has a live band that plays popular country music. I only knew one or two songs… 

The next day we went to a famous breakfast place called The Pancake Pantry. THEY HAVE 23 DIFFERENT KINDS OF PANCAKES. The one hour wait meant nothing. This place was great! After stuffing our faces (or what Kristen and I like to call “Carbo Loading”) with pancakes we walked around and went into all the little shops. I also noticed that the people of Nashville love their cats. I think three of the stores we went into had cats in them. In one store a cat was making its bed with some of the scarves that were for sale. Just another reason why I loved Nashville.

Okay, then maybe one of my favorite things happened. Kristen took us to a show Sunday night. There were three musicians who played. Amy Stroup, Matthew Mayfield, and Andrew Belle. I loved them all soooo much. I favorite was Matthew Mayfield. I met him, bought both of his cds, one of his tee shirts and got a picture with him…. I was totally cool… Kristen’s sister Kaitlyn was mortified but I was ecstatic.

Monday was a happy and sad day. It was my last day in Nashville and I didn’t want to travel back north to the cold, cold weather…

Monday morning Kristen and I went for our first ever Running Buddy Run. It was a nice 48 degrees and we were so excited to finally train together. We ran about three miles and then went to the best coffee place ever. Bonjo Java. If you visit Nashville go there and order the Slick Willy. Yum. It’s like a vanilla latte on steroids. Better than Starbucks… I can’t believe I’m saying that.

After our run and coffee break we hurried back to her apartment, showered and jumped in to the car to yet another famous breakfast place. The Loveless Cafe. Amazing food. The biscuits there are crazy good. Served with homemade blackberry, strawberry, and peach jam. Peach was my favorite.

After again eating far beyond our stomach’s limits we hopped back in the car and drove to Opryland. Which is HUGE. We drove around the entire thing, got out at the one free parking lots (most at $18!) and realized it was closed… ooops. But it was cool to see the buildings.

After our nice drive to Opryland it was decided we just had to go to Fido. Another coffee place that Taylor Swift and Jack Gyllenhaal were seen when they were dating. Another great coffee place that serves delicious food.

We hung out at Fido for a good hour just talking, laughing and people watching and then it was time to head back so I could grab my bags and head to the airport…

It was a wonderful trip and I love that I was able to see my Running Buddy and actually RUN with her. Not just talk about how our training is going.

I can’t wait to go back and visit Kristen. She was a wonderful host and made my girls weekend getaway trip fabulous!

I also realized I miss hanging out with my girlfriends.

Look for pictures from my trip! I’ll post them soon.


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