Back on track

After being sick I was afraid it was going to be difficult to get back to my running routine. When I had run with Kristen in Nashville I had felt good. Maybe a little rusty in the beginning but after about 10 minutes of running my body seemed to say “Oh, this… I remember how to do this…” and the run had been great. I was so happy that the flu hadn’t taken away my energy and want to run.

Tonight was a little of the same. However, I really did not feel like running. At around 4:30pm I was dreading my run. I was hungry and just wanted to make a huge bowl of pasta. But you can’t “carbo-load” if you’re not running. That’s the point of carbo-loading. You need the carbs for running. You can’t have one without the other! So I promised myself in order to get the huge bowl of pasta I had to run a fast two miles.

Well, at a little over the one mile mark I was feeling good. Great music, endorphins, pasta soon… So I just kept on running until mile three! And still at a pretty fast pace (for me). Under nine minutes per mile!

I feel great and I’m so happy I made that pasta promise to myself.

As my boss, James says, “The first step out the door is the hardest.” And he’s right. Tonight is was the first step on the treadmill…


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