Monday down, six more days to go.

Four miles completed!

I also did some weights for my little arms and stretched a lot so I’m not sore tomorrow.

Though I was tired and not feeling up to tonight’s run, once I started I was feeling great. Tonight’s four miles were a breeze. I probably could have run longer but I didn’t want to over do it and I had set the time to 40 minutes… so the treadmill kinda decided for me. I guess next time I run I’ll set the time for longer than I plan on running just in case I’m feeling good. It would be great it that happened often, then this whole training thing would get pretty easy…

If tonight is any indication of the week my mileage plan might go up!

I also want to thank my Running Buddy Kristen because I another reason why I ran tonight was because she told me she was running tonight… Again. I am an only child. I don’t like to be left out.

I highly recommend having someone you’re able to lean on and talk to whenever you’re doing something like this. Knowing you’re not alone really helps!

I feel like Kristen and I would have been friends when we were little…. I call the pink tutu!


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One response to “Monday down, six more days to go.

  1. Kristen

    Yes!! So happy I was your motivation!! Get it girl!

    And the Red tutu has better legs anyhow 🙂

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