Just running for fun?

Because yesterday went so well and I wasn’t sore today I thought I’d run again tonight. My goal was around 3 miles, but set the time on the treadmill to 40 minutes just because.

Well I ran the whole 40 minutes and ran 4.25 miles! Yesssss

I love that this is becoming easier…. Perhaps it’s time to jump up to more mileage. And make it difficult again. Maybe I’ll try 6 miles on Saturday, you know, just for fun…

If you keep telling yourself this is fun it becomes fun. I love the feeling after I finish running. I feel accomplished. (And a little sweaty)




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3 responses to “Just running for fun?

  1. Sarah

    I can’t wait to get to this mentality!! Great job catie 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah! Yeah, it’s exciting. You’ll get there! I promise 🙂 I can’t run tonight so I wanted to make that up last night to make my mileage goal! How’s your training going??

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