Saturday, January 29th: 10:30am – 6 miles.

Tomorrow’s the big day.

6 miles. I’m optimistic. It’s going to be great… So much fun. Right? Yeah… My plan is that if I keep saying that it will happen.

I’m enjoying a glass of wine tonight in celebration of the task I’m going to conquer tomorrow morning.

I’ve never run this far before. When I think about the fact that I’ll be running 26 miles in October my mind can’t wrap it’s self around it. 6 miles will be run tomorrow and in many months, much, much more will be ran…

If you don’t know this already, or haven’t figured it out yet, much of my life will be devoted to this training until October.

See you in November, I guess, we can celebrate my birthday… that would be my 25th birthday…. not really looking forward to that landmark.



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3 responses to “Saturday, January 29th: 10:30am – 6 miles.

  1. Cathy Goddard

    More sage unsolicited advice: From my marathon trainer: “just keep putting one foot in front of the other”. From my Uncle Mel(former track coach of two Olympic runners: “Don’t lift your feet too far off the ground – don’t bring your knees up – expend as little energy as you can vertically. Keep moving forward”. From me: Don’t beat yourself up if you need to slow down or stop at first – keep walking slowly until you feel like you can pick it up again. Concentrate on building stamina – not speed right now. Turning 25 doesn’t sound so bad – I’ll be 58 next Tuesday!! OMG!!
    It’s just a number, right????

  2. Dad

    Sweetheart! Red or white? Remember the “rule of thumb” is that sweeter white wines have twice the calories as general red table wine. For a 4 oz. pour, If I remember correctly, it’s 40 for the red and 85 from the white. Tonight is the City of Beaverton Boards & Commissions dinner. Do you agree it perfect it’s being held at the Zoo? It’s always fun to laugh and lie with Councilwomen Cathy Stanton and Betty Bode (our favorites), and more fun to mess with Mayor Doyle’s lovely spouse Ann’s mind. It’s always fun to talk in code with Ed House and sometimes we try to recite the Dewey decimal system backwards. It will be another buffet with a nice selection of troughs. Thank goodness they offer wine… to help some of make it through the program. Last year they had a magician that halfway through his performance the audience started chanting “Disappear! Disappear!” He was wretched and of a body style not appropriately cinched into glossy satin-like, non-breathable garments. The other advantages are that we don’t have to cook or clean up. I’ll tell you all about it. Do you want me to take pictures? Love, Dad … oh, and you’ll have no problem doing 6 miles. Walk in the park!

  3. Catie – Stop saying you’re going to be 25 this year – it creeps me out!

    You’ll run 6 miles with grace and ease, I know you too well. 🙂

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