6 miles!       DONE.

This is the first time I’ve ever run this far!

Vanilla GU Gel. Tried it out… It tastes like vanilla frosting with an odd aftertaste. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had half of it at mile 3 and then finished it at mile 5. The best way to eat/ drink it is to squirt the GU Gel stuff into your mouth and then follow with water and kind of swoosh it around in your mouth… haha Great explanation, right?

Endorphins are fabulous and I’m feeling good.

I stretched a lot after the run and will probably stretch more throughout the day so I’m not sore tomorrow.

I’m so proud of myself and feel as though I’ve passed another hurdle in training. Hooray!

What a great way to start a Saturday! I’ve already achieved a lot today!



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3 responses to “Success

  1. Dad

    Congratulations, Catie! I’m very proud of you and even appreciated the explanation… Meanwhile, your Mom and I are lazily just starting our day after the event last night. Actually, it was the best (really) one I ever attended. Almost tasteful. Have a great rest of the day, you “slacker!” Congratulations! Love, Dad.

  2. Cathy Goddard

    Great news!! Follow your training schedule – works like a charm!! One other thing our marathon trainer told us to do (and this may be because of our ages at the time – I was 43, Dianna was turning 50, Beverly was 41) was to take two Advil before we walked and two Advil when we finished. To keep inflammation down in the knees, hips, joints, I guess. It worked. Ask a trainer at NYAC or a doctor his/her opinion on that one – not sure it would be appropriate for someone in their 20’s. Keep it up, Baby Girl!
    It worked well for us.

  3. Cathy Goddard

    Disregard the Advil comment – I just looked up GU Gel – that covers any inflammation and recovery needs. You’e a pro!!

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