The day of, and the day after my 6 mile run I wasn’t sore at all. Which is great! All that stretching really helped!

Tonight my calendar is telling me that I need to run three miles. I might lift some weights or do some ab exercises afterwards. Strength training is a very integral part of marathon training and I’m not really doing it as much as I should and need to. The days I’m not running I’m suppose to be in the gym lifting weights…

But my question is when am I suppose to clean my apartment, do laundry, and go grocery shopping? Oh and have a social life? (I don’t know if my boyfriend knows what I look like anymore…) I can’t be at the gym all the time. I might need to wake up early and do my strength training before work. I think that could work.

Happy Monday everyone! Another week of training done, many more to go!


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  1. Ryan Smith

    The treadmill sees you more then i do! But thats okay because your working your tail off and doing a great job!

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