I didn’t run 3 miles…

I ran 6! AGAIN.          I ran six miles tonight!       Monday night…

My goal was three and I just kep running… My body wasn’t tired so I just covered up the screen with my Nike long-sleeved zip-up (it’s really cute, thanks Mom and Dad!) and just ran. My music was good and I just zoned out.

I’m pretty excited about this. I mean, I ran 12 miles in three days…. 6 miles Saturday and then another 6 tonight. I just gave myself a mental high-five.

I’m feeling more and more ready for the Half-Marathon in April and then the big guy in October.

I think I’ll get a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery tomorrow to celebrate…



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3 responses to “I didn’t run 3 miles…

  1. Dad

    S U P E R G I R L !!! Now don’t get over confident, but my goodness, Catie, maybe you’d like to re-apply for the 2nd grade, French-American School Run For The Arts now that you could rake in some serious dough. Too amazing…. So what tunes are you listening to?

    Love, Dad

    • Thanks!
      I’m listening to a medley of music. I just leave my ipod on shuffle and it plays whatever it wants. I will soon be posting and asking for some new music ideas… some of the songs I have are getting a bit old.

  2. cathy goddard


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