You haven’t seen her in a while…

Bailey the puppy is still alive and well! This has been her first winter and I believe she has developed a love-hate relationship. She loves the snow, but hates the cold. She now has an extensive wardrobe… (She takes after her Mother.) I might have to have fashion show and post all the pictures of her in her outfits.

About my Training: Yesterday I woke up a 5am and did my strength training and ab exercises. I was the only one in the gym and it was relaxing. A nice way to start the day. Tonight I’m going to be running stairs. This would be my cross training as well as my training for The Climb to the Top.

Happy Wednesday! The weekend is coming and I can’t wait!

In keeping up with one of my New Year’s resolutions, #2. Do more things that  I want to do. – I’m going to be seeing some of my college friends! We’re going to be celebrating a birthday and I know we’re all going to have a wonderful time!


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One response to “You haven’t seen her in a while…

  1. cathy goddard

    Looking forward to seeing all of Bailey’s outfits – bring on the fashion show!! 🙂 She is sooooo cute!

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