Stairs of death.

Last night was my “cross training” night.

My boyfriend Ryan and I planned on running up the stairs in his apartment building. I was excited because my big Climb to the Top race is fast approaching. February 27th is the day my knees will not be happy.

So last night… First I want to say that I had never before run stairs in my life. I did not know what torture I had signed myself up for. Running up stairs is one of the hardest workouts I have ever done. EVER.

When I read over the race information it said running up the 66 flights of stairs is like running a 5K. 3.25 miles. I can do that. Easy. Well, running on the ground and running up stairs are two entirely different things.

We ran up ten flights of stairs four times. I was dying. I have to run up 66… HOW AM I GOING TO DO IT?

Tonight my training calendar says run four miles. I will not be doing that. I will be running up the stairs of my apartment building. I don’t want to pass out in the stairwell of Rockefeller Center… imagine? My god. I really had no idea how difficult this was going to be.


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One response to “Stairs of death.

  1. Ryan Smith

    Keep training and you will be able to do it! Rememeber slow and steady pace when you run them your legs become jello too fast!

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