I’m getting a little tired of the music on my ipod… I need more variety and songs that will really get me motivated while I run.

Do you have any suggestions??? Help me out and just leave a comment below with some of your favorite workout songs.



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3 responses to “Music

  1. Ryan Smith

    Run 2/7

    Jay-Z – Change the Game
    Eminem – Till I Collapse
    Nappy Roots – Good Day
    Foo Fighters – Everlong
    Mike Jones – Mr. Jones
    Matt Weddell – Hey Ya (acoustic)
    50 Cent – Hate it or love it


  2. Marc Sausa

    If you are into techno/dance music, I recommend finding remixes of songs. They have great beats that keeps your energy level up and the songs are long. When you finish a song you will be like damn only got through one song, when in reality you ran for 7 or 8 minutes. A mental game that I play with myself to make me forget that I am running.

  3. Marc – Great idea! I’ll have to browse through Itunes.

    Ryan – I love the hip hop/ rap play list. I’ll have to add some of that into my running mix ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the great ideas guys!

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