Stairs of Death part II

Last night was my cross-training/ training for The Climb to the Top which is fast approaching. The bf and I ran 50 flights of stairs. The Climb is 66… with no stopping. We stopped. And had a much need water break between runs 3 and 4.

The nice thing about Ryan’s apartment building is that we’re only able to run up ten flights at a time. (Thank God). So we’d run up the ten, then would make our way down, stretch a little bit, breathe and then start our descent up again. We did this fun task FIVE times.

All in all it was a great workout. It really works different muscle than running does. I’m also very happy Ryan is helping me because I definitely would have quit after three or four times of running the flights if I was alone. Or just sat down in the stairwell hoping that someone would come save me…

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