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This weekend has been going so well!

Last night I came home from work and went straight to the gym for my 4.5 mile run. It went by quick and easy and I even did some ab exercises and push ups. I then ate dinner and had one of the Valentine cookies my parents had sent me in the mail. (Harry and David can do no wrong!)

This morning I ran two miles, did weights, push ups and ab exercises. It was an all around great work out.

After my workout  I did some grocery shopping for my two cooking adventures.

I first made Creamy Cauliflower Mac. This recipe is featured in the March issue of Runner’s World Magazine. All in all it turned out pretty well and it was tasty! This was the first time I have ever made homemade mac-an-cheese… I’m patting myself on the back right now.

I then moved on to the cookie recipe I had posted early this week! The dough was a little crumbly so I added a little bit of water to make the right consistency. I baked those bad boys and they are super good! I’m so happy they’re healthy! The recipe only makes 14 and I’m kinda of disappointed… I wish I had more!  (see photo below)

Tomorrow I’m running 7 miles.

It’s a good thing I have yummy food to eat after my long run!


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