7 miles and an ice bath

This mornings seven miler was a little more difficult than I would have liked. I did finish it, (of course!) but my little legs were telling me they were tired. I kept a slower pace than normal, put on the TV and listened to music. Both forms of entertainment really helped the time go by. I also learned that the news on Sunday mornings is very repetitive…

My drink of choice for todays run was Energy flavored Vitamin Water. It’s my fav! The one problem with it was I bought the larger than normal bottle and kept trying to drink it while running… I kept spilling all over the treadmill and my zip up. I was really happy no one else was in the gym to see me, because I bet it was pretty funny. (Who else would be in the gym at 8:30am on a Sunday?!) Next time I think I’ll transfer the Vitamin Water to my water bottle.

After my run I decided to take an ice bath since a lot of marathon and running guides recommend them after a long run. It’s suppose to help your muscles. So I thought, what the heck. I might as well try it out.

I only lasted about five minutes… It was really cold. But it did make my legs feel better. So I think I’ll add that to my routine. Just after long runs, though… Once a week is just fine with me!

Happy day before Valentine’s Day! Tonight I’m celebrating in the City with Ryan! We’re going to go to Eataly!! I can’t wait!


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One response to “7 miles and an ice bath

  1. How in the world are you running 7 miles on a treadmill!?! That takes a lot of stamina, girl. Good for you! There’s no way I will ever do that. I might have to try out this ice bath though..

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