Back Outside!

Tonight I’m running with some people from work. We’ll be running 4.5 miles (or more). I’m really excited because it’s going to be nice out today and I really love running outside. The time passes much more quickly and there is a lot more stuff to look at compared to when I’m at the gym staring out the window at the industrial area of Yonkers.

I also love to people watch. Central Park is the best place for it! I love the variation of workout clothes people deem acceptable to wear in public. I’m really looking forward to the Spring and Summer when the outfits will really get interesting! I love having things to look forward too!

Tomorrow I’ll be running a quick 2 miles and doing strength training. I’m making it my goal to wake up early (hello 5am!) and do my workout before work so I’ll have my Friday night free to do other fun stuff and catch up on my favorite shows that are waiting for me on my DVR.



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  1. I wish I could go running with you outside…SO FUN and that is awesome that you run with your co-workers!!!

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