Poor Little Right Leg

I’m so annoyed! The weather was so, so, SO nice outside. Lots of people were running in Central Park, it was still light outside…. AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENS?

For the first time ever my right leg gets a cramp or something and I have to stop after three miles… My friend from work who I was running with was really nice about it, but I was so disappointed! The weather was perfect!

I came home and stretched and now my leg feels fine. Maybe we started off to fast? I have idea!

Tomorrow I’m running before work so I’ll see how my leg feels. I guess I should be proud of the three miles I ran but I could have run so much more!!!! The rest of my body was ready and willing. Poor little right leg…


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One response to “Poor Little Right Leg

  1. cathy goddard

    Did you eat some protein before you went out? Next time you run with friend from work, eat a banana about an hour before you head out and then either a protein drink or 3-4 oz of turkey (or some kind of protein) about a half hour before you run. You amy haver also started out too fast, like you said. Not a race – just a nice run! 🙂 I’m so glad you finally have nicer weather – it snowed here yesterday morning – you would have thought “the sky was falling” – crazy. More snow expected over the weekend. 😦

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