Grumpy to Happy in Under an Hour


This afternoon at work I got really grumpy. I was in a BAD MOOD. When I got home I decided the only way to get rid of this black cloud above my head was to run it off. I know, I know… I ran this morning! But my legs weren’t tired. (I sit all day at work!)

So I just started running and I kept on running and then I had run six miles. And I was in a good mood!!! Endorphins!!!!

I’m so happy now, see!!

After my run I enjoyed a nice big bowl of butternut squash ravioli and started watching my all time favorite movie Troop Beverly Hills. I’ll probably have to finish the movie on Sunday since I’m getting very sleepy. I was up at 5am!!! Remember!??

I’m feeling good and I’m so excited that I ran twice today!

For a grand total of 9.5 miles!!!



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2 responses to “Grumpy to Happy in Under an Hour

  1. Sarah

    bahahahaha!!!! Love your pictures 🙂

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