What Got Me Out of Bed

This morning I was up and out of bed at 5am!

The two things, or should I say people, that got me out of my nice warm bed was my Dad, who gets up every morning at 5am to go swimming and my new blogging friend Janae, she’s also up and running before work. Both were my inspirations for this mornings run! Thanks!

I ran 3.5 miles. I added the extra 1.5 miles because of the incident last night. (Read my previous post if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

This morning I felt good and my leg didn’t hurt at all. I felt energized after the run so I did some push ups and ab exercises. It really was a great way to start off my Friday! No wonder my Dad and Janae do this everyday!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!



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2 responses to “What Got Me Out of Bed

  1. cathy goddard

    Great job! You are my inspiration! If I think I’m going to walk the Half-Marathon this October, I better get my little buns out on the streets this weekend!!
    Saturday, Sunday, and Monday – 3-day weekend – whee!!

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