Do I Look Stronger????

What do you think??? Do I look stronger??? I hit the weights pretty hard tonight at the gym…  My arms are probably going to be sore tomorrow, but that’s good! AND tomorrow is my rest day, so it’s fine 🙂

So really… don’t you think I look super tough?? I think so…

Oh, and my 2 miler was a breeze. I even ran the second mile on a 1% incline to get ready for the hills that will most likely be in any race that I run.

PS again – The reason why my photos aren’t that great is because my camera is broken… I’m taking the pictures from the camera on my mac computer….  sad, I know



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4 responses to “Do I Look Stronger????

  1. DAD

    Of course you look stronger… and you also look confident, very beguiling, delighted and toned. I don’t think you look “tough” and definitely not SUPER tough. I drove past Voodoo Donuts this afternoon. In the line outside the door I saw “tough” and it wasn’t pretty. Oh, and you look pretty, too.

    Rest day? No longer running Central Park on Wednesdays after work?

    Interesting about your taking on a 1% incline (grade). Actually, you may encounter a 6% grade in a marathon course. That’s the maximum allowable by departments of transportation. The west approach to Portland’s Fremont Bridge may be closer to 6%.. Just F.Y.I., but don’t quote me.

    Sad that your camera is broken. Is that the 5th or 6th? Hmmmm.

    Love, Dad

    • My training varies week to week and it’s super cold outside. Once March rolls around I’ll be outside more often 🙂

      I think this is 4#… Me and electronics don’t mix…. oops!

  2. the comment from your dad cracks me up! haha my dad says the same kind of stuff. and i’m currently taking pictures on my phone and mac as well- left my cord at a friend’s house in chicago! : (

    • Dads are the best!!!

      I know… Life without a camera is pretty bad 😦
      At least I’m not the only one using my Mac for pictures! haha
      I hope your friend sends you your cord!

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