I Thought this was Funny…

Yesterday after my run I watched the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (I’m reading the series, the books are sooooo good!) and ate some Swedish Fish as my CONGRATULATIONS YOU RAN 10 MILES dessert. This morning I came to the realization that I was watching a Swedish movie while eating Swedish Fish! I thought this was funny and had to share it with you all… No? Not that funny??? Okay…

I also wanted to remind everyone that this is the last week to donate to The Climb to the Top!!! I’ll be running up the stairs of Rockefeller Center this Sunday at 7am! What a way to start a morning! I hope my legs can handle it! Just click here to donate!!!! Thank you in advance 🙂

Tonight I’ll be running a leisurely 2 miles and then I’m going to pump some iron. I sound so tough right?!




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3 responses to “I Thought this was Funny…

  1. Those movies are great. I was pretty surprised. Too often when books become movies they are kinda disappointing.

  2. DAD

    Good morning, Catie…. Your haphazard “Swedish” theme is funny… funny in that it’s just a curious happenstance; another example of those peculiar coincidences that cause, on random occasions but mostly during FFOs and vacations where, without any pre-planning or inter-departmental communiqués, the family arrives at the car in the morning to leave wearing outfits serendipitously coordinated not unlike the back-up group to a honky-tonk Country-Western singer. (Ok, so I exaggerate… revise that to read “but still with exemplary style and verve…, especially Catie.) Nothing wrong with Swedish. I’ll be even more amused if a Latvian theme happens. How did the book and movie compare? Regardless, Catie, CONGRATULATIONS on the success of another milestone. AND, needless to say, I’m beginning to be a bit concerned about this Sunday’s adventure. It’s in (5) days! How are you feeling about it? I’d love to be with you (waving Swedish flags, or whichever…), but I’ll have to settle for your telephone call as soon as you can after your successful “Climb to the Top”. Your comment related to donations… have you met your quota or do you need more donations?

    Keep up the good EXCELLENT work!

    Love, Dad

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