I’m a little nervous…

Yesterdays run in Central Park went really well.

I ran a solid four miles and felt good afterwards. I heard that the 5K I’m running on March 6th is a little hilly so last night at each hill I increased my speed and sprinted each and every on of them. It was fun and I felt powerful running fast up the hills. It was also fun passing people 🙂

Another great thing: It was light out outside the whole time I was running! It didn’t get dark until I headed for the subway. You know what this means? Spring time is so close!!! I can’t wait!

The next two days I won’t be running. I need to rest up for Sunday! The Climb to the Top. 66 flights of stairs. Straight to the top of Rockefeller Center! To tell you the truth, I’m a little nervous… I’m scared I won’t be able to walk afterwards and I’ll have to be carried back to Ryan’s apartment…

Can my legs handle this? And will this affect my marathon training? How will I feel the next day? So many questions! And no answers…

I’ll just have to wait and see and give it my all. Rockefeller Center here I come!



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7 responses to “I’m a little nervous…

  1. I am so excited for your big climb…that is the coolest thing ever and I can’t wait to read about it. AMAZING run and passing people is the best ha:) Now go give yourself an amazing pep talk because you are a rock star!

  2. Dad

    Congratulations, Catie, on your triumphal return to the Central Park venue! Yes, and I know what you mean about the light thing. (For me too, nothing better than leaving the pool with some morning day-light. Today, particularly, after yesterday’s serendipitous snow.) We’re really looking forward to hearing about your Climb to the top in TWO DAYS! You will be able to walk… Everything will be good. (After you’ve composed yourself and your breathing is regular, again, stroll over to Neue Galerie, 1048 Fifth Avenue, at 86th Street. They’ve installed what may be an amazing new show with a couple “have to see them” Klimt’s. Name of the show: Vienna 1900: Style and Identity, June 27. Telephone: (212) 628-6200, neuegalerie.org.) Today’s Friday! Lots to do and I’d better get on with it all. “Many miles to go before I sleep” as they say, and I’m thinking about an excessive Italian dinner tonight somewhere magic and hedonistic. Ok, keepin’ on, keepin’ on, Catie. Have a great day and listen carefully on Sunday and you’ll likely hear us cheering you onward and upward!

    Love, Dad

  3. Annie

    I don’t know if Ryan told you I am a speed walker and have walked 6 miles a day for 8 yrs. I have not been doing it as much but still try. The one thing that helped me with bleeding blisters was MOLE SKIN, buy it at any drug store or most grocery stores. Can not do without it! A

    • Hi Andrea!
      I’ve haven’t gotten any blisters from running yet. I’m lucky!!! I used to use mole skin for dance team though, it’s great stuff!
      Very cool that you walk 6 miles a day! That’s AWESOME!

  4. cathy goddard

    Way to go! Remember to eat a banana about 45-60 mins before; then a protein drink, bar, or actual handful of turkey (4 oz or so) about 30 mins before. Hydrate – hydrate – hydrate all weekend before, during, and after the stairs. You are amazing!!

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