It’s finally here!

Tomorrow’s the big day! It’s finally here! Hooray!

I know I’ll be fine and that climbing the 66 flights will be a fun experience and a great workout! Thanks for all the words of encouragement! You all helped boost my confidence. I know I won’t end up sitting in a corner of the stairwell unable to take another step! You guys are great!

Last night I did Pilates before bed. I had forgotten how great a workout it is and how relaxed you feel afterwards. I definitely have to do it more often! It’s nice to mix up my workouts. It made me not only realize how much I love running, ( I kinda missed putting on my Brooks running shoes last night!) but also that there are other great ways to workout too!

I have the Pick Your Spot Pilates workout dvd and after last night, I know it’ll be getting a lot more use!


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One response to “It’s finally here!

  1. cathy goddard

    Just had breakfast with your Mom and Dad – we were talking about your “stair event” tomorrow. Sending all our strength and love and positive vibes your way – we know you can do it! You have trained – You are in top condition – You are mentally & physically tough – You are prepared! May the Rockefeller Stair Goddess be with you! Go Baby! You can do it! šŸ™‚

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