But I don’t wanna run 8 miles…

I did it!!! My little legs were tired but they pulled through!

The last hour of my work day was spent dreading my eight miles on the treadmill. That’s a long time on treadmill, you know?! A long time with just me and my thoughts. What was I going to think about the whole time??? At least I had my iPod.

Once I got home I changed into my running gear right away, grabbed a handful of swedish fish (the red ones are my favorite if you were wondering), my water bottle and headed for the gym.

Side Note: When I get home I have to get right to the gym or it’ll never happen. I get too hungry and want dinner!!

The first two miles dragged on, but then I got into a good rhythm and in no time I had just one mile to go. It always feels like the last mile takes about twenty minutes to finish… I always increase my speed but I just can’t seem to get done fast enough. Does this happen to anyone else??? I’m an inpatient person for sure. šŸ™‚

After my run I stretched a bunch which I’m hoping will make it so I wake up tomorrow feeling good with no soreness.

I’m thinking yoga or pilates tomorrow… What’s your workout plan for tomorrow?




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2 responses to “But I don’t wanna run 8 miles…

  1. Can you just share your motivation? Golly, I just love being lazy!

    • I love being lazy too!
      But I’m training for the Portland Marathon so I can’t be lazy everyday. Finishing 26.2 miles is my motivation to train. I have to finish!!! haha šŸ™‚

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