Successful Day, Tired Girl

This morning I did 40 minutes of yoga and it was wonderful!

It was so relaxing and it really helped stretch out my muscle from my long last night. I chose to do the energizing sequence which definitely woke me up and got my muscles warm and ready for the day.


After work I picked up my and Ryan’s race packets for the Coogan Race! I had to travel to the east side (I work on the west side) and finally found the New York Road Runners building. It was right by the park and the building was super pretty. Very exciting! Sunday can’t come soon enough! Rain you’re not invited.



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3 responses to “Successful Day, Tired Girl

  1. Cathy Goddard

    What yoga DVD do you use? Is it suitable for beginners?
    Can you recommend one for “old” beginners (me)?

    • hmmm The one I use is kinda difficult… I would go to Target or Borders (I got mine at Borders) and browse around at the DVDs. There are a bunch of beginner yoga ones! 🙂
      I hope that helps!

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