Sunny Run in Central Park

Hooray for Wednesday! We’re half way through the week.

Yesterday it was nice and sunny so I was able to run in Central Park after work. I ran the Lower Loop three times making my run a little over 5 miles.

The best part: people watching and the fact that it was light out the entire time. Two bad things: the horse poop smell from the touristy horse carriages and the awesome smell of the Nuts-4-Nuts carts. It was a little torturous to run by that cart… I wanted to stop so bad!!!

My legs were definitely a little tight from the race on Sunday (I should have stretched more post-race) and didn’t really feel great until around mile three. I wanted to stop because my legs felt tired but I didn’t because of two things:          1) The half-marathon is so soon!!! 2) The readers of my blog! I can’t let you guys down!!! 🙂

I timed myself during the run and my time was 43:48. That’s around an 8:30 pace… I was really surprised! My legs were tired and I wanted to stop but apparently I was doing just fine.

Tonight I’m running three miles and then taking a lot of time to stretch. It’s no fun to run when your leg muscles feel tight.

This week I have a lot of mileage to run due to the upcoming Vegas trip (no time to run there, Ryan’s Birthday Celebration!!!!) and the half-marathon. Yesterday was five miles, tonight three miles, Thursday five miles and then Saturday the big 1-0.

My little leggies are going to be tired and angry with me but they’ll thank me on April 2nd!




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2 responses to “Sunny Run in Central Park

  1. cathy goddard

    There’s no reason you can’t run in Las Vegas. Take your running shoes with you. In my “training” days, my friend Nancy and I would “walk” the strip at 8:00 am before our other 2 friends got up. The strip is 4 miles long from MGM to Circus/Circus. We were staying at Treasure Island – halfway point. One morning we would walk down to MGM and back (4 miles); the next morning we would walk the other way down to Circus/Circus. The sidewalks aren’t crowded at that time of day. Just don’t breathe in – lots of smokers on the sidewalks! Be sure to go with someone – Ryan – DO NOT GO ALONE!!!

    • The only problem is that I’ll be going to bed around 3am and waking up around 11am…
      I’ll see if I have time or the energy to run… but I’m guessing probably not.

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