Lucky Girl with Tired Legs

Last night’s run went okay. My legs were tired. And they were not happy with me. I made it through the three miles and quickened my pace at each mile marker. I really just wanted to get the run over with so I could eat dinner…

In a surprising turn of events (and me just being super lucky), my little legs will be getting tonight off. I was supposed to run five miles tonight but I received free tickets from work to the Million Dollar Quartet so that will be what I’m doing tonight! And I’m very excited!!! Click here for more details.

This also means that I’m going to have to push back my training so I’ll run five miles Friday, and then ten miles on Sunday.

My legs are thanking me for this one day vacation and they can’t wait to go to the theatre tonight! Hooray! Maybe Ryan will even get sushi with me… I’ve been craving it like crazy!!!! hint, hint…



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