Date Night in the Rain

Last night was so much fun!

AND I GOT MY SUSHI!!! I was very happy!

A great dinner with a wonderful red wine sent from my parents! (Ryan’s chicken bones kinda gross me out… Don’t tell him I said that!)

Ryan and Bailey the puppy. Relaxing before we had to head out in the rain. And yes, of course we’re watching the Big East Tournament… I wouldn’t have it any other way…

The show was really good! It not only told the stories of Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis, but also worked their songs together. It was about how one day, they were all in the same recording studio and they just played music. I loved it. Great music.

The theatre was very intimate (Ryan’s statement was “WOAH this place is tiny!”) It was probably the smallest theatre I’ve ever been in. Our seats were really good too. They also had a cash bar before the show and we were able to bring our drinks to our seats.

Tonight I’ll be running five miles! I know, you’re jealous of my Friday night plans… I’ll probably stay up super late too! Like 10pm… I know, I’m crazy wild!

I also wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my DAD!!!!!!! He’s the best and I wish I was home in Oregon celebrating with him and my Mom. I hope you have a wonderful birthday Dad!!!! 🙂

I love you tons!!! XOXOXOXOXO



PS – I need a new camera… The photos I posted are taken on Ryan’s phone… He’s starting to get annoyed that I keep making him take pictures and me taking pictures with his phone. I would love suggestions about what camera to buy and which ones are good!


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  1. I heart sushi so so so much!!! Yum! Bailey is adorable!!

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