Good Weekend, No Run…

I didn’t run at all this weekend...

Saturday was my day off from running and then yesterday my legs decided that they didn’t like this training thing I’m doing and I had shin splints. I haven’t had shin splints since high school! I was not happy.

Today my right leg is still a little achy but I’m planning to run after work. My goal is ten miles but I’m not going to push it because I do not want to get injured.

Now that my legs are acting up against me I’m getting a little nervous about the half marathon. What if they decide that they don’t want to run that morning? What if my right leg just falls off?

Though I didn’t run this weekend I still had a lot of fun. We took Bailey the puppy to the dog park Saturday AND Sunday. She was a happy little girl.

(Bailey in her styling jacket.)

I also got to sleep in this weekend which was pretty wonderful.

Hopefully this week is a great running week and my legs just fly through Central Park and on the treadmill. Lets all keep our fingers crossed! Okay?!



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4 responses to “Good Weekend, No Run…

  1. cathy goddard

    No worries – on race day you will have the magic of ADRENALINE working for you. Remember how you felt when you ran the stairs? Your first 5k run? You probably barely remember how your legs were feeling. That being said, I’m not saying to quit training, but your muscles do need some time to recup. Hey – I responded to a previous blog re: Las Vegas and told you to take your shoes and run outside before thinking it through – I’m sure they have a gym at your hotel w/treadmills. You don’t have to go crazy – but you might want to run a little one of the days you’re there. I don’t think they had gyms in the hotels “back in the day” when Nancy and I used to go. It’s hell to be old!!
    P.S. I did a 90 minute walk last Saturday – yea me!!

  2. Crossing my fingers and tes for your 10 miler this afternoon!!! I love Bailey!! Cooper used to play with, “Buster” the Boston Terrier b4 we moved to WA and loved him!

    Have you tried running in Recovery Socks or Compression Socks to reduc the shin splints?

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