Running, Reality TV and a Surprise in the Mail

Though my legs were pretty sore throughout the day yesterday, towards the end of the day they were feeling almost back to normal. Drinking tons of water and taking an Aleve really does wonders!

Once I got home from work I ate some left for Greek food (so good) and watched After the Rose The Bachelor… Do not roll your eyes. I love reality TV. You don’t have to think. It’s my getaway.

After my relaxing dinner I suited up and to the gym for a nice light workout. Running not included.

To warm-up I went on the elliptical for ten minutes and then lifted weights and did ab exercises. The Las Vegas trip is coming up and the weather might be nice enough to go to the pool. Enough said.

My little workout felt good and my legs were happy. My arms and abs are a little sore today but a good sore. πŸ™‚

On Tonight’s Agenda: Two mile run with Ryan, dog park with Bailey the puppy. Mexican food for dinner???

On an exciting note: My parents told me that they have sent me a surprise in the mail. They said it’s something that every girl needs when they go to Las Vegas… This hint could be anything!!!

I mean, every girl needs a Chanel purse in Vegas… Every girl needs a camera in Vegas… Or Christian Louboutin heels… There are so many things I NEED for my Vegas trip…

What do you think the surprise is????



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8 responses to “Running, Reality TV and a Surprise in the Mail

  1. cathy goddard

    I hope it’s a box of crisp $100 dollar bills!!!

  2. Annie

    My quess would be MACE & BEJEWELED SNEAKS!

  3. Ryan

    This is an easy one a box wine with a going out outfit! Only time will tell what the answer is.

  4. Oooo, so glad you got thesocks!!! You will have to keep me posted on your thoughts!!

    I think you need to go to Vegas in December for the RNR race!! It’s under the lights! The hubs and I are doing it!! πŸ™‚ Hope you get a fun gift from the ‘rents!

    • I’ll definitely let you know the socks go!!!

      I was looking at that Vegas race the other day… It looks pretty darn cool!!! I might have to just take another look πŸ™‚

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