The Big 1-2.

I did it! 12 miles!

I ran with one of my co-workers and it was actually nice to have someone else there to motivate me. Not just that little voice in your head cheering you on! The girl I ran with was little faster than me so she kept me moving and the last two miles I helped her by pressing on and finishing up the run at a faster pace.

We ran in Central Park and did the longer loop once, which is 6 miles, and then the lower loop three times. The 6 mile loop was pretty difficult… There were some monster hills that killed my legs in the beginning. After the first 6 miles my legs were screaming for me to stop. Hills are not my friend… I’ll have to work on that.

All in all. The run was good. The weather was perfect and the park was packed. Great people watching. Which put me in a good mood. Oh, and the recovery socks were great! Thanks Jess!!! 🙂

I now know I’m ready for the half-marathon! I can do it! Hooray!!! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Tomorrow: Volunteering at the NYC Half Marathon!!!



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4 responses to “The Big 1-2.

  1. Dad

    CONGRATULATIONS~!!!!! Another major accomplishment by Wonder Woman! Your Mom and I voiced our thinking about how you were doing several times this morning… Funny that we may have been even closer to you this morning as we listened to the performance of the Met’s Lucia di Lammermoor live from Lincoln Center. New York IS the center of our universe. Regardless, fun day so far and we’re really excited about your “WIN”. We’re eager to talk when you can tomorrow about today’s race and tomorrow’s NYC Half Marathon. We love you, Catie!

  2. amazing job! i can’t wait until i can run TWELVE miles! : )

    • Thank you!!!
      You’ll be able to run 12 miles one day! I never in a million years thought I could ever do it. I used to hate running in high school… Now I’m training for the Portland Marathon!

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