Ryan’s First Blog Post

So, this is the first time I have ever written a blog post (this is Ryan by the way).  I figured I’d start out with a line of poetry ;)…..okay maybe not I’m not very creative

I guess this is where I give you the update.  Today was my first visit to Catie’s place in Yonkers in a few months.  Bailey the puppy is in New Jersey with my family because someone needs to watch her while we are in Vegas!  Also, just so you know where I live is not like the show “Jersey Shore” on MTV.  Today we came back to her place and went to the gym.  Catie worked her butt off on that treadmill for 5 miles while I ran a little over 2 and did some lifting.  Afterwards, we made an interesting dinner (it’s always interesting with Catie) but it turned out well.

Then came time for me to do my fantasy baseball draft.  I am actually doing it right now on the other tab shhhhhhhh.  For those who don’t know, during the fantasy baseball draft I create a team to compete against my friends and hopefully beat them.  Who do I take with pick 142 Geovanny Soto or Starlin Castro? Anyway, Catie doesn’t seem to happy but she is putting on a happy face which I appreciate!  I am kind of addicted to sports and Catie gets mad that they are “365” days a year.  Understandable.

That’s it for now.  Comment away it’s my first post! (Sorry no pics)



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10 responses to “Ryan’s First Blog Post

  1. ANNIE

    That was very informative, and your cute, but your pup is cuter and we want pics of the pup!
    Lova ya, Annie

  2. Catie's Dad

    And an admirable job, too, Lad, it is; I could hear you in your writing. Informative yes, but what was the “interesting dinner” you two made? Any wine or are you two too into training? As for your “365” days a year sports addiction: who says “better to be a round meat ball than a flat meat patty”? Something about being well rounded, I guess… anyway, so who’d you do: Geovanny Soto or Starlin Castro? And the count-down to lift-off… THREE DAYS! Good luck with those sports, too!

    Greetings to Catie who seems a little addicted to her own sports, too, these days…


    • Ryan

      She is a little addicted to her own sport, but she is doing a great job! The countdown cant pass soon enough I can’t wait!

    • Ryan and I have different cooking methods… He studies and reads the cooking directions and I… well, I just cook? I don’t know, I do read the directions but then the food just doesn’t turn out the right way…
      I thought our dinner of turkey tacos with chips and guacamole was very tasty 🙂

  3. Marc Sausa

    Not bad at all for your first crack at writing. A little weak that Becker lapped you on the treadmill but I guess we can let that pass since she is training for a marathon. On to the draft I really hope you took Geovanny Soto with that pick. I got a feeling it will be a really nice bounce back year for him.

    Finally, Catie there is no need to get mad about sports you need to just accept the fact that their will ALWAYS be some sort of sport on to watch or take part in. Just the way life works. See both of you in Sin City in about 62 hours.

    PS Totally agree with a picture of Bailey the puppy is needed here.

    Sauce Out.

  4. Ha!! Love that we both had our sig other’s post on Tuesday!! Nice to meet you Ryan!

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