Tomorrow’s the BIG DAY! I’m getting more and more nervous! I really hope I can sleep tonight!

The major thing that is making me nervous is the fact that I’m not feeling 100%.

Ryan has been sick for the past three days and I thought I’d beat it. I thought maybe he didn’t sleep enough in Las Vegas or that I have a superhuman immune system. Airplane germs can’t get me sick!


Yesterday I started to feel a little off… Today… Not that great either and I’m tired. I’m always tired but I’m more tired than usual.

This makes me scared. I’ve been working so hard for this half marathon. I’m not suppose to get sick now! Come on! Not Fair.

I’ve been drinking tons of water with Emergen-C so hopefully I win this battle.

Wish me good luck! I’m going to finish this half no matter what! Nap time tomorrow after the race is going to be the best ever!




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2 responses to “13.1


    Your body will stave off the sickness until next week, I know it! Our bodies seem to know when we can get sick. I will be thinking of you, sending you immune boosting vibes, and can’t wait to read the race report!

    • Thanks Jess!!! You were right, I wasn’t sick during the run 🙂
      Just a little difficultly breathing in the beginning but all went well after a few miles!

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