I Did It!!!

I DID IT. 13.1 in 1:58:32!!!!

I beat my goal of 2 hours. I’m so happy! I just wanted update you all, so you weren’t waiting with bated breath…

I’m super tired. I’ll write more about the race tomorrow and hopefully have the pictures from the race too! (Maybe some Bailey pics too –Ryan wants to post more!)

Thanks for all the love and support! I thought about you all during the race when I wanted to give up!!! Thank you!!!!


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One response to “I Did It!!!

  1. Catie's Dad

    Congratulations, Catie! Too bad about lugging down between mile 4 and 6 and the warring hip action. Hopefully those nuisances are over with the exuberance of your success. GOOD JOB! We assume you’ve rested enough now for the two parties and dancing tonight… have fun and give us a call tomorrow. We’re off to Wilf’s for dinner; we’ll spread the news of your victorious run to your adoring public on this side of Eden.

    Love, DAD

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