13.1 New York – Race Re-Cap

Race Re-Cap:

Ryan and I arrived at Flushing Meadows Park at around 8:20am. Once we got there we looked for where the start was… The signage was horrible. We had no idea where to go. People were walking all around and in different directions. We finally saw one sign with an arrow pointing to the start and headed in that direction hoping we were going the right way. Thankfully we did and we met up with my friend Carolina from work who was also running the half-marathon.

As it got closer to the start I was getting more and more nervous.

We all got in the corals and were ready to run! (The race started about ten minutes late) There I am waving at Ryan who was ready to cheer me on 🙂

This may be my favorite picture of them all! It’s at the start of the race and I love how happy and excited I look. This was waaaay before my hip started to hurt so bad. It’s not really my hip, I guess it’s a muscle in my left butt cheek? (Don’t laugh) I don’t know what that muscle is called… My hip, or whatever it is, started to hurt at about mile 6 or 7. At times I really wanted to stop because of how bad my hip hurt but I just kept going, I didn’t want to stop I had to make my goal time!!

The course was okay. We did a lot of loops throughout the park and at times there was large pools of water where we were suppose to be running. Not cool. There were also potholes on the road and one woman fell in front of me who cut her hands. I squirted some of my water on her hands as we ran so she could get the dirt and rocks off. I felt bad for her but I was happy I was there with my dorky water bottle fanny pack to help her!

Here I am running my hardest to the finish line. I’m the girl with the black compression socks on and the horribly annoying water bottle ‘fanny pack.’ I will never wear it again. It kept riding up and driving me crazy throughout the race.

Here’s me and Carolina after we finished the race with our AWESOME medals!!! They’re super cool and part of it even spins! I also love that our bibs have our names on it 🙂

All in all the race was fun. It was a small race compared to the Coogans 5K, and the signage was not the best. They did do a wonderful job with the water stations, bathrooms and medical stops. The finish also had awesome food. Sparkling water, flat water, three different kinds of poweraid, bagels and cream cheese, bananas, muffins and granola bars. I thought this was great!

Las Vegas pictures are coming soon!



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7 responses to “13.1 New York – Race Re-Cap

  1. Annie

    We are very proud of you! And Ryan what a great photographer!!! You make a great team!

  2. Carolina

    Catie, great pics! Please send me the first one you have there, i want to have that one too.. : ) How are you feeling today? I still have pain in my legs… lol

  3. Catie, this is a fab race report complete with stellar pics!!! How did it feel to run in your socks??

    I’m sorry your hip hurt, but overall, it loooks like a fabulous day!!!!!

    • Thanks Jess!!!
      The socks worked great! My legs didn’t hurt at all. Just my left glute/hip… I learned some new exercises to strengthen the muscle so hopefully that’ll help 🙂

  4. You should be so proud of yourself!!!! You did great!

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