Relaxing Weekend

Scotland Run tomorrow morning! I just checked out the weather and there is NO RAIN in the forecast for tomorrow!!! Yes! Running hills not soaking wet! That’s a big plus!

I really like the t-shirts for the race! Scottish Pride šŸ™‚

I guess Bailey wants to race too!

So far this weekend has been great. Very relaxing and the sun has been out!!! We took Bailey to the dog park Friday after work and Petco for some special new toys and treats for the puppy. In the photo above you can see one of her new toys… Fake hot dog links… She loves them!

We had our date night at a Mexican restaurant called Vamos, (Chinese food didn’t make the cut) by Ryan’s apartment. The chips and guacamole were really good and the margaritas were the best ever! I had the Blood Orange margarita.

This morning we made our way back to the dog park and then went off to the Gap to search for more work clothes. I found a skirt, Ryan not so lucky…

Then, it was Yankee baseball time so Ryan watched the game while I took little Bailey for a girls only walk.


Race re-cap tomorrow!



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2 responses to “Relaxing Weekend

  1. I heart Bailey so much!!!


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