Rainboots Instead of Running Shoes…

Today it was supposed to start raining at around noon and not stop until Wednesday night. This morning I saw the forecast and was pretty disappointed because I really wanted to run outside after work.

I left my running stuff at home and went off to work with umbrella in hand and wearing my rain boots.

Guess what. It rained for about an hour at lunch and stopped. It’s almost 5 o’clock and it’s not raining…

Now I know. Bring my running gear just in case the news and weather.com is wrong. They’re wrong a lot of the time.

So now I have a date with the treadmill in my gym… Oh well, I’ve learned my lesson.

When in doubt bring running gear.



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2 responses to “Rainboots Instead of Running Shoes…

  1. Ryan Smith

    It rained later! and you look better in your rain boots anyway 🙂

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