So Remember How I Said It Hadn’t Rained All Day??

So remember how I said it hadn’t rained all day and I was upset that I didn’t bring my running gear to work??? Well, right when I got home it started pouring. Thunder and lightening even made an appearance!

So I made my way to the gym and jumped on the treadmill and just watched the rain and listened to my Ipod as I ran. It was nice and relaxing. Besides me being all sweaty and gross… They really should work on the air conditioning in the gym…

After my run I made a delicious dinner!  I had a turkey burger and a baked potato. I’d forgotten how good baked potatoes are. Even though I did have to call my Mom and ask about the baking time and oven temp for the potato, everything turned really tasty!  Thanks Mom!!!

I ran a good five miles and then did some strength training so my left glute muscle that hurt during the half-marathon doesn’t act up again and gets nice and strong.

I’m not sure what I’m in the mood for tonight… Running or the Jillian Michael’s DVD… What do you think???



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