Tired Puppy, Tired Girl

Last night I had puppy duty while Ryan had guy’s night at the Yankee Game. Right after work I ran with my friend and then headed to Ryan’s apartment to rescue little Bailey from being lonely.

When I got there she was so excited and had tons of energy so I decided to take her for a run. We ran one mile together and afterwards she was pooped! I think the photo above says it best… 

We had lots of fun together. Ryan even surprised me and left flowers and money to buy myself sushi! I’ll have to start watching Bailey more often if I get presents like that!!! Thanks Ryan!!!

I’m taking tonight off because I feel super tired for some reason.(Bailey the puppy??) I do not want to get sick. I have to keep training!! Early bedtime tonight and a fun weekend ahead!

Seeing friends, going to dog parks, sleeping in, and drinking good coffee are planned… Oh, and running of course!

Happy Friday!!!


Happy 88th Birthday to Grandma Doris!!!



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2 responses to “Tired Puppy, Tired Girl

  1. Sarah

    aww what a nice thing to do!! Point Ryan.

  2. i agree with the above post!

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