The Weekend

This past weekend was full of fun and relaxation. I thought I’d show you through photos…

The rain didn’t stop us from heading out and finding lunch and Starbucks of course.

Ryan was craving falafel so we went to Maoz. Which was soooo good!!

Clean plate club!

Many hours later it was time to make dinner. The book I’m reading has recipes throughout so we picked one. Pasta Carbonara

We also enjoyed wine sent from my parents in Oregon 🙂

Fun Fact about Ryan: When I say WE cooked together I really mean HE did… I’m more like an assistant. Somehow he always takes over the cooking… I’m not complaining, I know the meal will be good!

Dinner is served! Just in time for House Hunters… 

Meeting up with friends!!! Me and my friend Lisa

Sunday was the Boston Terrier Meetup.

Bailey had a ball!

The weather was perfection

A successful weekend must always end with frozen yogurt… and lots of candy on top…

PS – No, I didn’t run… I’m battling a mini sore throat… I think I’m winning



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4 responses to “The Weekend

  1. that sandwich looked like it had guacamole in it… if so, YUM *droooool*

  2. Ryan

    Man I just want to eat all of that food from this weekend again!

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