What I Saw on My Run

After work I had to go pick up my race stuff for tomorrow so I decided to run to the NYRR Headquarters. It’s a little less than two miles each way. Piece of cake right?!

As I began my run I was met with lots of tourists. On bikes, walking, riding in pedi-bikes as well as horse carriages. Central Park was PACKED. Spring was definitely in the air and everyone knew it. It was like a big party in the park.

I took the following photos while running… That’s why they’re not the best quality 😉

The Guggenheim Museum

Pretty tulip trees

I just about died when I saw this! A FROZEN YOGURT TRUCK!!! If only I had had money with me…

On my way back to work to get my stuff… This part of the run was nice, no tourists… no crazy drivers

This was my favorite. It reminded me of when my family and I went to Paris when I was in 5th grade.

I loved my run in Central Park today and I can’t wait for the race! Lets hope the rain stays away!!!

PS – Since tomorrow’s run is in honor of Earth Day I will be wearing a very special shirt… Don’t worry you will see pictures!


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