Easter Weekend

Oh Hello…. This is me and my friend Ashley before the NYRR 4 Mile race. Don’t we look lovely? Did you know it was pouring rain Saturday morning? That meant two things : I couldn’t wear my cool earth day shirt and I couldn’t bring my phone to take pictures… Sad…

Though the rain made it miserable and a little cold, once the race started I was good to go. My i-pod decided it didn’t want to work so this was my first race without music. Even though the elements were against me I made my goal!!! I ran the four mile race in 30:52. Which means….. I ran at a 7:43 pace!!!! Woah. That is fast for me!

After the race I headed to New Jersey to relax and celebrate Easter.

We had an egg decorating contest…

Ryan made the decision that he won…

Pretty Easter flowers

The weather was absolutely beautiful on Sunday. I even laid out in the sun for a little bit!

While I relaxed Ryan and his brother played catch and Bailey tried to steal both the baseball and the glove.

After all that running around she was one tired puppy!

I totally forgot to take a picture of the CAKE that I love… I’m sorry. I promise next time it’s served I will snap a photo! I think I was just so excited to eat it! I also didn’t get a long run in 😦 I was too full of cake…

This week it’s suppose to rain a bunch so running in Central Park might not happen as much as I would like… Sunday is the Long Branch Half-Marathon! I’m already getting nervous!



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4 responses to “Easter Weekend

  1. that pace is great for anyone! seriously so fast! GOOD JOB! : )

  2. Catie–you rocked your run–so fast!!!! Very cute pic of you and your friend allbeit soaked!

    Bailey is just adorable–Cooper would love to play with her!

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