This Morning I Had a Royal Run

So I wasn’t into all the hype about the Royal Wedding. All the weeks before everyone was talking about it and I could care less about who was designing Kate Middleton’s dress.

However. This all changed this morning when I went to the gym to run and there on the television was the Royal Wedding. I LOVED IT. The three miles I ran passed by so fast! The ceremony was beautiful. And all the hats. LOVE. This made me miss London so much! (I studied abroad in London)

Though I now love Kate (her dress was perfect, great lace overlay). I might love her sister Philippa more… That dress she wore!? Ummmm I’m obsessed. I would wear that as my wedding dress!!! Anyone know who designed it????

Tonight Ryan and I are going to the Yankee game and the weather is so nice! No humidity 🙂 I can’t wait!

Saturday will be a nice relaxing day in New Jersey and then Sunday will be my second half-marathon! Cool!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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2 responses to “This Morning I Had a Royal Run

  1. Steffi

    The bridesmaid’s dress was by same designer as Kate’s gown(s): Sarah Burton, head designer at Alexander McQueen

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