I Don’t Know if you Knew This…

I know I’ve told a few of you…

A while ago I joined the New York Road Runners. And with joining I decided to do their 9 + 1 for the 2012 New York City Marathon.

What this means is that I need to run 9 NYRR races and volunteer for one and I’m guaranteed entry to the 2012 NYC Marathon. This is why I’ve been running all of these races! And it’s fun too! Though the two half-marathons don’t count towards my nine races I don’t mind because they were fun and great training.

I’m really excited because as of today I have my nine races planned out, some I’ve already run and I’ve already volunteered at a race. I think it’ll be cool to have run a marathon on both the West Coast and the East Coast. Both places that I call home 🙂

Want more info? Click here.



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6 responses to “I Don’t Know if you Knew This…

  1. this is awesome! what a great opportunity!

  2. yeah… but i didn’t win the giveaway… SUXXX. ; )

  3. What a COOOOOOOL opportunity to be a part of a running group AND get into the ING NYC!! Congrats on your decision Catie!

    I’m SOOOO envious of runners that have so many races nearby!! Eastern WA is very limited!!

    Good luck in your race this weekend! Take pics of yourself!!

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