JM + Strength Training = Happy Glute Muscle

Last night I worked out with Jillian Michael’s. It was a good time. She kicked my butt again. But I was able to do some of the exercises better than a couple of weeks ago. Which is really exciting! It’s always good to see progress. Even though the DVD is super difficult, I’m always left feeling great and motivated. Another plus – Since incorporating this DVD into my training and doing more strength training at the gym my left glute muscle hasn’t hurt at all!!!

Tonight, if the rain stays away, I’m going to run outside. I’m really not in the mood for the treadmill… The gym in my apartment building is small and the people watching isn’t that great… Running outside is so much better! Lets all cross our fingers that it’s not raining between the hours of 5pm – 6pm Eastern Time… Thanks!

Sunday I have a four mile race in Central Park. Its to raise money for Japan Relief. Want more information? Click here!

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